Potty Train Your Akita Pup with These Expert Tips!

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Are you a proud owner of an adorable Akita puppy? First of all, congratulations on your newest furry family member!
As you embark on this journey with your Akita, one essential aspect that cannot be overlooked is potty training. A
well-trained Akita is not only a joy to have around, but it also ensures a peaceful and clean home environment.
In this article, we will provide you with expert tips and techniques to successfully potty train your Akita pup.
Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Akita Breed

Akitas are majestic and intelligent creatures with a unique temperament. As an Akita owner, it is essential to
grasp their distinct characteristics to tailor your potty training approach accordingly.

  • Akitas are known for their independent nature, which can make training challenging.
  • They are highly intelligent and quick learners, so consistency is key.
  • These loyal dogs have a strong desire to please their owners, making positive reinforcement highly effective in
    their training.
  • It is important to note that Akitas have a natural inclination for cleanliness, which can work in your favor
    during the potty training process.

Setting up for Success: Preparation and Consistency

Before you commence potty training your Akita pup, it is crucial to establish a solid foundation for success.

  1. Create a Designated Potty Area: Choose a specific area in your yard where you want your Akita
    pup to relieve themselves. This will help them associate that particular area with bathroom breaks.
  2. Establish a Consistent Routine: Dogs, especially Akitas, thrive on routine. Designate specific
    times throughout the day for potty breaks and stick to them diligently.
  3. Positive Reinforcement and Rewards: Akitas respond exceptionally well to positive
    reinforcement. Offer treats and praise when your furry friend successfully uses their designated potty area.
    This will encourage them to repeat the desired behavior.

Basic Potty Training Techniques

Now that you have laid the groundwork, it’s time to delve into the fundamental potty training techniques specifically
tailored for your Akita pup.

  • Crate Training: Akitas are naturally clean dogs and dislike soiling their sleeping area. By
    crate training your pup, you create a cozy den where they will hesitate to soil. This reinforces their natural
    inclination for cleanliness and aids in the potty training process.
  • Leash Training: Incorporating leash training during potty breaks allows you to guide your Akita
    pup to their designated potty area. This helps them understand the correlation between the leash and bathroom
  • Frequent Bathroom Breaks: Akitas have smaller bladders, so it is crucial to take them for
    regular bathroom breaks, especially after meals, playtime, and waking up from naps. Consistency and diligence
    are key here.

Troubleshooting Common Challenges

Potty training can sometimes come with its fair share of challenges and setbacks. Let’s address a few common issues
you might encounter and how to overcome them effectively.

  1. Accidents and Setbacks: It is normal for accidents to happen during the potty training
    process. Remain patient and avoid scolding your Akita pup. Instead, reinforce positive behaviors and continue
    with consistent training.
  2. Resistance to Training Techniques: If your Akita pup is not responding to the training
    techniques, assess if anything might be causing discomfort or fear. Adjust your approach as necessary and seek
    guidance from a professional if needed.
  3. Dealing with Regressions: Regression is not uncommon during potty training. Stay consistent,
    review your routine, and continue providing positive reinforcement. Eventually, your Akita pup will get back on

Advanced Potty Training Techniques

Once your Akita pup has mastered the basics, you can explore more advanced techniques to further enhance their
potty training.

  • Bell Training: Teaching your Akita pup to ring a bell when they need to go outside can be a
    game-changer. Hang a bell near the door and encourage them to nudge it with their nose or paw. This simple
    signal will enable effective communication between you and your furry friend.
  • Verbal Cues and Signals: Introduce specific verbal cues or commands associated with potty
    breaks. Consistently using these cues will help your Akita pup understand your expectations and respond
  • Transition to Outdoor Potty Training: Once your Akita pup has successfully trained indoors,
    slowly transition to outdoor potty training. Gradually expand their potty area while maintaining the same
    routine and reinforcement techniques.

Patience and Encouragement

Potty training takes time and patience. It’s important to remain positive and encouraging throughout the process.

  • Patience is Key: Remember that accidents happen, and setbacks are normal. Stay patient with
    your Akita pup and continue reinforcing positive behaviors.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Shower your furry friend with praise, affection, and treats when they
    exhibit desired potty training behaviors. This helps build a strong bond and motivates them to continue their
    good habits.
  • Stay Motivated: Potty training can be challenging, but the end result is worth every effort.
    Maintain a positive and motivated mindset throughout the process and celebrate each milestone achieved with
    your Akita pup!


Congratulations on completing this comprehensive journey to potty train your Akita pup! By incorporating the expert
tips and techniques provided in this article, you can now pave the way for a well-behaved and clean Akita in your
home. Remember, understanding your Akita’s unique traits, setting a consistent routine, and using positive
reinforcement are the keys to success. With patience, consistency, and a whole lot of love, you and your Akita pup
will conquer potty training together. Happy training!

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